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My dear friend Rotem

It’s soooo bizarre. One minute I’m idolizing her work, the next thing you know, we’re like pen pals!

Look what she gave me!!!

So much to point out how each of her gift is extraordinary! Where to start! Jeez!!

Cat (on the package bag)~


I’ve been thinking of collecting pins since I have quite a few so this Pichu will add to my collection. And I loooooove the bookmark! I’ve been finishing a great novel recently so this is JUST what I need.

Aww man Rotem! Look how cute these erasers look! How can I ever use them? They’re too perfect! I feel like I wanna save those forever.

I’ll have to improvise later. Damn they’re just so adorable and I know how I am with erasers

Awww look at little Gadget! My fatty sweet street kitty. I know just what to do with you. (will explain later hehe….)

I love those stickers! I love Rotem’s taste in Pokemon because she always picks the cutest ones! Umbreon could not look any cuter~

Boris because she knows I adore Boris. He deserves a nice frame. I need to decorate my room with this beauty.

Oh god don’t even get me started. I finished those as soon as I got them. I’m such a pig. The chocolate ones were my favorite! Yummy sweets!

And now onto my favorite part. Look at this! And she did it with only colored pencils. So wickedly talented! And I love how she drew my ghost Margie and my cat Romeo.

Her style is the best!

I love how she draws Gadget! And of course her Pikachu made me laugh ‘til my sides were sore. Rotem, you can take over my leg any day.

That didn’t sound right at all oh god oh god

To be fair, Tangela has lovely hair. I should ask her for tips.

And she got me just right. Short, messy hair, kinda skinny, and a drowsy face. But she made me cuter like she always does.

Rotem, you sly mongoose you. I’ma get you soon~

Oh man I wish I could read you guys the letter she wrote, but I’m not sure how she would feel about it. All I’ll show are the last bits she wrote!

But let me say that reading her letter was like reading a rainbow. Pure and never-ending happiness! So uplifting, which is always what I idolized from her!

It just amazes me that I have a wonderful and incredibly inspirational friend like Rotem. The times when I feel lackadaisical, I just look at her work (or read the notes she wrote to me) and I feel full of energy.

I’ve never sent a package before, until I mailed something for Rotem’s birthday. At first it felt strange and terrifying, but now I feel a little more confident about mailing packages.

I feel like sending Rotem more stuff since she deserves the love. Of course I’ll try not to annoy her but damn she makes it too hard not to smother her with love.

Thanks for the gifts, Rotem. You’re such an amazing friend. Love you, hun!~

Also I have a little gift for my good friend John K

He’ll love it!!

After I buried myself with this gifts, I decided to bury my cat with them as well.

Quite fancy.

Night, everyone!!

~Sandra Rivas

PS: Follow her, follow her, follow her, follow her

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