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People don’t always know the right way to talk to artists … so I made a guide. There’s a lot more I could have added, but these are the basics.

Some artists will draw your OC for free, but make sure that they are okay with doing that before asking. Otherwise, you’re being rude.

Seriously, don’t put yourself down to compliment others. That just puts them in an awkward position and stunts the goodness of yourself as well.

This is super important because I have received a lot of negative compliments.

NEVER say “I’ll never be as good as you”


some of my favourite paintings i did for the starbomb videos i worked on with the rest of studio yotta: luigi’s ballad (those ones are based on instructions by arin) and it’s dangerous to go alone. had to dig out my near-dead old computer to get the older ones. and lemme tell you something folks its a miracle that noisy piece of shit even started up, so im pretty lucky to have gotten these back

the liberty city reveal looks a bit different in the actual cartoon cuz i wanted the colour palette to contrast even more with old man’s blue segments - so everything had an orange hue added to it in AE. its colour theory 101 but it works.

as a bonus there’s some  comparisons - the thumbnail versions of shots in pre-production and their prettier counterparts in the final thing. preserving the life and energy of the thumbnails can be really tricky at times.

and as a double bonus here’s the hyrule map on imgur, it was one of the last things i did for the cartoon as a last ditch attempt to cram in as many references as possible to the games.

A lot of my talented buddies worked on this!!

Joel’s work is spectacular!!


Animation Inebriation Episode THREE!

After Nico and Sandra get WRECKED on beer, they provide commentary for one of their recent favorites animated films, Disney’s WRECK-IT RALPH (2012). In the process, they drunk-dial awesome artist and friend Keegan McFly to join in on the fun!

Unfortunately near the 60-minute mark, a technical problem occurs with the audio, and the last 20 minutes of our commentary was not recorded. Oops. Maybe it’s time to lay off the sauce. Maybe look at this as a Bonus Episode rather than a full Animation Inebriation episode? Take that however you want. Whatever!

Listen: Animation Inebriation Episode 3: Wreck-It Ralph

First time listening to this episode! Well… more of a bonus episode…

I’m sorry I sound so annoying!!! I’M SORRY!!!!


  1. lukeslog said: seems like you make pokemon and tf2 cartoons in your own free time. that’s fine man, but to denounce someone else for doing something similar and call yourself a man of integrity is super pretentious

Ok, let me break it down for you to understand; To me, This ‘just a mask thing’ is a fad that everyone wants to get in on, its the new flavour of the month thing, it’s stupid. It isn’t funny.

The first one done by Bowz was alright, but then everyone else started jumping on it and it got boring. Fast.

'Oh gee! I wonder what meme/character/character is going to come up when the mask is taken off this time! HAHA! So original!'

As for your snip at my stuff, do you see those toons you mentioned being animated to exactly the same thing that everyone else has done? Same audio, same relative plot and actions? Hmmmm

I hope I’ve somewhat proved my point.

Josh I think you were acting a little harsh towards this. This was just something they did for fun. I understand that you don’t find the “fad” funny and that’s fine (you reacted the same towards the Game Grumps animations) but you shouldn’t denounce animators for being a part of it.

Those animators are hard workers and if they want to do their take on “It’s Just a Mask” thing, then let ‘em. It’s no big deal, and it doesn’t always mean that people will get on the trend for popularity.

I respect you as a person and animator, Josh, but I think you were overreacting.

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