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Hullabaloo has officially reached it’s final stretch goal of $240,000! Yep, that’s a full 300% more than the original goal. Now that all of the goals have been met, we’ll get two more shorts, Curse of the Cheshire Cat and The Mysterious Island, and a full-orchestra soundtrack for all shorts. You can learn more about Hullabaloo over here at it’s Indiegogo page. Thanks to everyone who donated or spread the word! 





the frog you are trying to reach is currently unavailable 

A new friend! Heidi! Neat. ANYHOO, since I got that Pinocchio comic happening a week and some days from now, Gunshow updates will change to be on Tuesday and Thursday instead, since Pinocchio will be M-W-F. That way you get something every day of the week, and two things on Wednesday (BACK). So yeah. Not next week but the week after, Gunshow will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Okay. Good hustle team!!


REBLOG for a chance to WIN! Time for another competition AND it’s time for a sale! Use the code: SEPTSALE at checkout when purchasing the Real Watercolors, Screentones, or Megapack from my Photoshop brush shop. 

THREE random Tumblr users who reblog this post will WIN ALL THREE of these amazing Photoshop brush sets. These are the same brushes used by artists at Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Google, Marvel, and Rockstar Games. They were recently featured on and were also written about in Communication Arts, and they have become the industry standard for pros who draw and paint in Photoshop!

So, again - all three sets are on sale through Thursday, September 4th at Simply enter this code at checkout: SEPTSALE

And, please reblog this post for a chance to win all three sets for free. Winners will be announced Friday, September 5th.



So today I felt like sharing some useful websites that provide pre-made color palettes (left side), as well as sites that allow you to create custom ones (right side). They can be used for graphic design, themes, art, interior design, or just something pretty to look at.

Adobe Kubler (Explore)



Just Jaimee Daily Color Inspiration

Design Seeds

Adobe Kubler (Create)

Color Scheme Designer

Color Palette Generator (paste the URL of an image and it will automatically generate a pallet that matches the image)

Color Hunter (upload an image and it will automatically generate a pallet that matches the image)


I hope you find this useful (and please like or reblog if you did)! Enjoy :)




I feel like shit. Our management company violated our lease and let painters and cleaners in our apartment and a bunch of stuff got stolen. Most importantly my laptop and backup hard drive with 6 years worth of drawings on it.
If anyone sees a 15” MacBook retina with 16GB of RAM on it for sale in or around NYC please email or message me.

My pal Randeep got screwed over!  :(  New Yorkers, it’s a big city, but give a glance over Craigslist if you have a moment this weekend.  Buh! 

Hey everyone! I want to spread the word because stuff like this sucks and I’m hoping everyone can give it a signal boost! This person’s work was stolen— the laptop, and hard-drive— the whole kaboodle! Maybe someone will see something somewhere! You never know!

If you see anything or know anything, contact:



Here’s a bunch of dumb drawings from the Wander episode “The Lonely Planet.” I just saw the final episode and was reminded of how much fun I had with my director, Eddie Trigueros, coming up with gags about the planet being a complete lunatic in love with Wander.

Most of these shots were cut so I’m sharing them here!

I could sink my teeth into these drawings.  I could eat these for breakfast.



I’ve already served my time. HAHAHAHAHHAHA~

Dedicated to my young’un (and mature— age really doesn’t matter) followers headin’ back to school in a few. I’ll remain off in a small part of the internet pretending to be an adult; posting bad jokes while trying to pay off a monstrous debt.

I haven’t been in school since 2006!! :D

*maniacal laugh*

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