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Here’s a bunch of dumb drawings from the Wander episode “The Lonely Planet.” I just saw the final episode and was reminded of how much fun I had with my director, Eddie Trigueros, coming up with gags about the planet being a complete lunatic in love with Wander.

Most of these shots were cut so I’m sharing them here!

I could sink my teeth into these drawings.  I could eat these for breakfast.



I’ve already served my time. HAHAHAHAHHAHA~

Dedicated to my young’un (and mature— age really doesn’t matter) followers headin’ back to school in a few. I’ll remain off in a small part of the internet pretending to be an adult; posting bad jokes while trying to pay off a monstrous debt.

I haven’t been in school since 2006!! :D

*maniacal laugh*



IVE MOVED TO DENMARK! but I dont have a job and i have to pay rent… So I’m gonna be doing these simple coloured half-body commissions!

$10 isnt a fixed price! If you pay $10, you’ll probably end up with something very simple HALF BODY (flat colours or sketches). If you want more effort or a full body or something on your commission, chuck in some extra bucks and I’ll put more time an effort into it to make it look unique, even experiment and try some styles like lineless and such! The price is still per character so 2 characters will be at least $20. It’s pretty discussable as long as you pay $10 or more.

I’m cool with drawing OCs, fanart, fluffy ships, personas, mostly whatever! Inbox me or email me if you”re interested!

My paypal is , I have to recieve the payment before I work on your request, but don’t worry! I draw pretty quick!

Alternatively, if you’re Australian I can give you my BSB and Account Number. Or you guys can go to my art blog and click the donate button and put in the agreed amount there!

Please dont forget that I also sell shirts and stuff at Red Bubble!

I understand that not all my followers will want commissions, but if you could get the word out and signal boost this, that would be killer!

commission my talented friend!!! Do it!




Spongebob Squarepants; Face Freeze

People who don’t like Robertryan Cory’s drawings just don’t understand them. If you can’t look at something past the surface then you’ll see examples of his work like this and think, “Gross, a bunch of ugly faces.”

Cory’s work pushes the limits of modern cartoons and may be too advanced for some viewers and especially the overseas animators. He is an artist’s artist.This episode was basically dedicated to his abilities and showcases his magnificent talent that calls back to the great Basil Wolverton. These model sheets are beautiful, CHECK OUT HIS FLICKR.

Of all the legends that are left in the history books of entertainment, I hope Cory finds his well-deserved spot. Hopefully one day he releases a coffee table book of his favorite pieces.

RRC is a MASTER draftsman. Take notes.

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